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Providing Broad Educational Opportunities for Healthcare Providers and Students
Encouraging Students to Pursue Their Career in Healthcare
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Welcome to Inland Empire Healthcare Education Consortium

The Inland Empire Consortium is a non-profit collaborative group of education and service providers within the Riverside and San Bernardino County areas. The Consortium believes that through cooperative planning we can provide broad educational opportunities for health care providers and students. We affirm our continuing commitment to career mobility education. We support image building for nurses and allied health workers and policy-making at the local, state and national level.

The goal of the Consortium shall be to pro-vide a forum for study, discussion, and cooperative planning, and recommendations on health care issues with respect to education, service, and professionalism. The Consortium, having no authority or resources in and of it-self, shall strive to be an influence in the community through responsible research, open discussion and support of practices essential to quality health care.